Talking Transformation is a professional facilitation and specialist advisory company based in Cambridge, UK, that works locally and internationally with partners and clients who want to bring about transformational change.

Talking Transformation is one of the few professional facilitation organisations in the world that has specific expertise in multi-stakeholder dialogue processes for sustainable natural resource management and a zero carbon, climate resilient world.

The global pandemic has forced changes to working practices on all sectors, restricting travel and limiting the opportunities for face to face meetings. Talking Transformation has adapted quickly and is now a leader in virtual dialogue methodology: blending online tools and mobile phone applications together with remote facilitation skills to empower participation from remote communities to government departments in multiple countries.



Facilitation of virtual and face-to-face multi-stakeholder dialogues

We are a leader in the design of virtual and face-to-face international meetings and events. We specialise in dialogue processes that manage complex information, conflicting interests and address issues of legitimacy, power and voice in decision-making. We provide state-of-the-art facilitation and governance expertise to bridge the gap between science, policy-making and practical action.


Natural resources policy and conflict transformation

With over 30 years’ of international experience, Pippa Heylings provides facilitation for the transformation of conflict amongst multiple stakeholders on differing visions of economic development and environmental sustainability. With her team of associates based around the world, Pippa provides expert policy advice on biodiversity conservation and the management of natural resources. Talking Transformation offers specialist expertise in the evaluaton of governance systems for protected areas.


Mainstreaming climate change

Talking Transformation provides a specialist advisory service for governments and organisations seeking to transform the way they do business in order to mainstream climate change and sustainability. Talking Transformation has also pioneered and adapted the methodology for Action Labs, inspiring transformational leaders, networks and organisations, and supporting them in their pathways to change.