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Indonesia and the Philippines

Climate change advisor: Assessment of Climate Compatible Development in RARE’s Watersheds and Small-Scale Fisheries programmes


Supporting a participatory assessment of RARE’s climate compatible development strategy ( The overall aim of the Assessment Phase is to assess which elements of Fish Forever and Reciprocal Water Agreements (ARA) are currently delivering and have the potential to deliver on climate compatible development (CCD). In addition, the assessment will demonstrate the added value that a CCD approach brings to RARE’s community-based conservation and development approaches given the threat climate change brings to these communities. The assessment will include field visits to the community watershed and small-scale fisheries programmes in Colombia, Indonesia and the Philippines.


M&E expert, CDKN-Country Impact Study


The key objectives for this study are:

  • Understanding which interventions have been the most impactful in Bangladesh to date, for whom,and why,and where we might be able to focus in the future Mapping the evolution of CDKN’s theory of change over time based on successful or unsuccessful impacts of theories, to understand the thinking required for forward planning.
  • Assessing the entry points for CDKN on CCD in Bangladesh and the results of it’s programme since the last review in 2012, particularly on enhancing capacities and capabilities of service recipients and key project audience.
  • Identifying the niche that CDKN has created on CCD mainstreaming through existing programme and can further create in the broader donor circle in Bangladesh.